viernes, 1 de septiembre de 2017

Texas Cares - Hurricane Harvey and its Consequences + Refection - FREE Mini Unit

Because Texas cares, I decided to make this mini unit related to Hurricane Harvey and its consequences + reflexional sheets+ foldable activity that go along with the unit.

I just posted this great set of worksheets at my TPT store and the following pictures show you samples of the activities:

Activity 1: Students have to color a sheet with the phrase: TEXAS CARES

Activity 2: Students have to read the information provided in the sheet. Then, the teacher make a disscussion in the classroom and/or let the students search relevant information on the net. The following links are some of the possible websites that can help to the searching:

Activity 3: This is a writing task for the students to write a reflexional paragraph related to how they can help Texas. The teacher can also make a mindmap in order to write some ideas disscussed in the class as a braimstorming activity.

Activity 4: Students have to use this bubble map in order to write words expressing to a Texan person who is suffering from Hurricane Harvey. This can be a pair, group or individual activity.

Activity 5: Students have the chance to make their own foldable card related to TEXAS CARES! There are two sheets available for this activity. I provide a set of small pictures and the words TEXAS CARES in order to cut and paste for decoration. Inside the card, students can write whatever they like about the natural disaster.

You can share this post in order to help other teachers plan a lesson on TEXAS CARES!!!

lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017

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Happy teaching!

viernes, 18 de agosto de 2017

The Solar Eclipse 2017 - Science Center - Bilingual Resource

This set of worksheets and reading comprehension are related to the solar eclipse. In this set, you will find the following activities: 1. A reading text (short description). 2. Reading comprehension questions sheet. 3. Write facts sheet. 4. A bubble map to write words related to the topic. 5. A KWL chart. 6. Facts square chart. 7. An interactive activity. 8. A Venn diagram to compare and contrast the solar eclipse with the lunar eclipse. 9. A poster of the solar eclipse in color. You can use these sheets for Science centers, classwork or homework.


 Este set de hojas de trabajos y de lectura comprensiva está relacionado con el eclipse solar. En este set, encontrarás las siguientes actividades: 1. Un texto de lectura (descripción corta). 2. una hoja con preguntas de comprensión. 3. Una hoja para escribir información. 4. Un mapa de burbujas para escribir palabras sobre el tema. 5. Un cuadro KWL en español. 6. Cuadro de información. 7. Una actividad interactiva. 8. Un diagrama de Venn para comparar y contrastar el eclipse solar con el eclipse lunar. 9. Un poster en color. Tú puedes usar estas hojas de trabajo en los centros de Ciencias Naturales, trabajo de clase o de tarea para el hogar.

domingo, 30 de julio de 2017

Back to School 2017 Linky Party

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jueves, 22 de junio de 2017

Canada Bundle - 3 Cliparts Sets in 1 bundle - 52 Items (Daily Deal)

Canada Day is so close and this bundle will give you ideas to use in your creation of school resources! GO TO MY CLIPART TPT STORE

Product Description
You will find 3 cliparts sets related to Canada Day or any other canadian holiday!

The three sets are sold separately:




All the images come in color and the corresponding lineart version!!!

Terms of Use

All designs are copyright Ready to Teach Clips. You are granted permission to use these designs as long as you adhere to the following terms.

General Terms of Use

You may use these clip art designs for any personal project that you like, a teaching resource or a craft. You may not sell, trade, share or redistribute the clip art files in any way. Your project, resource or craft must protect my designs.

Commercial Terms of Use

These designs can be used commercially to create products that you intend to sell as a digital teaching resource on Teachers Pay Teachers and similar websites only. They may not be used for any other commercial product or service other than a teaching resource.

You cannot make clip art by combining any of these designs and then sell or give it away. You cannot create coloring pages to sell. The artwork should complement your written product. If you have any queries or questions about my terms, please, do not hesitate to contact me for clarification.

Credits must be given by stating my teachers pay teachers store: 

Use also the credit logo including in the credit section:

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